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......@@ -17,28 +17,6 @@ The source of GitLab Enterprise Edition is [hosted on GitLab.com](https://gitlab
You can request a free trial of GitLab Ultimate [on our website](https://about.gitlab.com/free-trial/).
## Subscriber onboarding information
Thank you for purchasing a GitLab subscription!
For standard subscribers, please see **emergency contact info and other useful information** in [the Standard subscribers README](https://gitlab.com/standard/standard-subscriber-information/tree/master#README).
GitLab Enterprise Edition repository:
Download GitLab Enterprise Edition:
To upgrade from CE, just perform a normal upgrade, but use an EE package:
If you need help with your GitLab installation and for any technical questions please see the [support page](https://about.gitlab.com/support/)
For all other questions, please see our [contact page](https://about.gitlab.com/contact/)
## Open source software to collaborate on code
To see how GitLab looks please see the [features page on our website](https://about.gitlab.com/features/).
......@@ -155,4 +133,3 @@ Please see [Getting help for GitLab](https://about.gitlab.com/getting-help/) on
## Is it awesome?
[These people](https://twitter.com/gitlab/likes) seem to like it.
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