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  • v0.1.1
  • v0.1.0
    - Objects
    - Object WV slot evaluation
    - Object delegation
    - File Descriptor IO (stdin, stdout, stderr)
    - File IO
    - Arbitrary WV nesting
    - `call` op for evaling arbitrary WVs
    - C (char) datatype
    - C's can be `app`'d into CVs
    - `q-to-cv` op
    - Stack ID assignments are now threadsafe
    - WV and CV now supports all basic V ops
    Breaking Changes
    - Square-bracket WV notation
    - `n-to-s` became `n-to-cv`
    - `not` returns nil for all non-true items
    - `rmo` op has no return value (formerly returned value removed)
    - ops_stack type used internally for WV nesting
    - Removed many type assertions, should greatly increase execution speed
    - object-stack tracks `self`, but not currently directly exposed
    - Most documentation moved to GitHub wiki
    - Project tracking moved to Trello
    - Contributing guidelines
    Known Issues
    - WV manipulations are not reflected in calls
    - v-new does not produce valid WVs
  • v0.0.1
    0fd39879 · Adding new TODO items. ·