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Improve linting on SCSS files

username-removed-1496206 requested to merge pipelines-fix-style-linter into master

Created by: Jenselme

  • chore(lint): correctly lint SCSS files

    Linting with stylelint --syntax scss app/**/*.scss in the stylelint caused problems since it is platform dependent. It works on Windows but not on Linux (eg in the bitbucket pipelines). In order for it to work on Linux, we need to put the files in quotes: stylelint --syntax scss 'app/**/*.scss'

    But then it doesn't work on Windows.

    To solve this, we move the linting into a custom nodejs script and we update the npm stylelint script accordingly. It works on Linux and Windows and shouldn't cause any trouble on other platforms.

  • style(home-slider): fix SCSS lint errors

  • chore(lint): remove deprecation warnings when running stylelint

    • Update the base configuration
    • Use the stylelint-order plugin to check for properties order

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