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## Pull requests
Code speaks louder than words. If you can please submit a pull request with the fix including tests. Starting point would be the [Developer Guide](
Code speaks louder than words. If you can please submit a pull request with the fix including tests. The workflow to make a pull request is a follows:
1. Fork the project on GitHub
1. Create a feature branch
1. Write tests and code
1. If you have multiple commits please combine them into one commit by [squashing them](
1. Push the commit to your fork
1. Submit a pull request
We will accept pull requests if:
* The code has proper tests and all tests pass
* It can be merged without problems (if not please use: git rebase master to fix this)
* It won't break any existing functionality
* It's quality code that conforms to the [Rails style guide]( and best practices
* You describe your PR properly please give a motive for your change and the method you used to achieve it
* It keeps the GitLab code base clean and well structured
* We think other users need the same functionality
* If it makes changes to the UI it should have screen shots
For examples of feedback on pull requests please look at our already [closed pull requests](
## Submitting via GitHub's issue tracker
* For obvious bugs or misbehavior in GitLab in the master branch. Please include the revision id and a reproducible test case.
* For problematic or insufficient documentation. Please include a suggestion to improve it.
* For problematic or insufficient documentation. Please give a suggestion on how to improve it.
If you're unsure where to post, post it to the [Support Forum](!forum/gitlabhq) first.
There are a lot of helpful GitLab users there who may be able to help you quickly.
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* More details are in the [requirements doc](
### Getting started
### Installation
You can either follow the "ordinary" Installation guide to install it on a machine or use the Vagrant virtual machine. The Installation guide is recommended to set up a production server. The Vargrant virtual machine is recommended for development since it makes it much easier to set up all the dependencies for integration testing.
* [Installation guide for latest stable release](
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* [Vagrant virtual machine](
* [Developer guide](
### Starting
* [Upgrade guides](
1. The Installation guide contains instructions to download an init script and run that on boot. After configuring the init script you can run
* [Roadmap](
sudo service gitlab start
* [GitLab API](
sudo /etc/init.d/gitlab restart
2. With [foreman](
bundle exec foreman start -p 3000
3. Start it manually
bundle exec rails s
bundle exec rake environment resque:work QUEUE=* VVERBOSE=1
### Running the tests
* Seed the database with
bundle exec rake db:setup RAILS_ENV=test
bundle exec rake db:seed_fu RAILS_ENV=test
* Run all tests
bundle exec rake gitlab:test
* Rspec unit and functional tests
bundle exec rake spec
* Spinach integration tests
bundle exec rake spinach
### Getting help
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* [Paid services](
### New versions and the API
Each month on the 22th a new version is released together with an upgrade guide.
* [Upgrade guides](
* [Roadmap](
* [GitLab API](
### Getting in touch
* [Contributing guide](
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