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### Installation
#### Official installation methods
* [GitLab packages]( **recommended** These packages contain GitLab and all its depencies (Ruby, PostgreSQL, Redis, Nginx, Unicorn, etc.). They are made with [omnibus-gitlab]( that also contains the installation instructions.
* [GitLab Chef Cookbook]( This cookbook can be used both for development installations and production installations. If you want to [contribute]( to GitLab we suggest you follow the [development installation]( instructions to install all testing dependencies.
* [Manual installation guide](doc/install/ This guide to set up a production server on Ubuntu offers detailed and complete step-by-step instructions.
#### Third party one-click installers
* [Digital Ocean 1-Click Application Install]( Have a new server up in 55 seconds. Digital Ocean uses SSD disks which is great for an IO intensive app such as GitLab. We recommend selecting a droplet with [1GB of memory](
* [BitNami one-click installers]( This package contains both GitLab and GitLab CI. It is available as installer, virtual machine or for cloud hosting providers (Amazon Web Services/Azure/etc.).
* [Cloud 66 deployment and management]( Use Cloud 66 to deploy GitLab to your own server or any cloud (eg. DigitalOcean, AWS, Rackspace, GCE) and then manage it with database backups, scaling and more.
* [ one-click installer]( Currently supporting Ubuntu 14.04, Ubuntu 12.04 and Debian 7.4. For more information check the [README]( at gitlab-recipes repo.
#### Unofficial installation methods
* [GitLab recipes]( repository with unofficial guides for using GitLab with different software (operating systems, webservers, etc.) than the official version.
* [Installation guides]( public wiki with unofficial guides to install GitLab on different operating systems.
Please see [the installation page on the GitLab website](
### New versions and upgrading
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