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# Contact & support
# Contribute to GitLab
If you want quick help, head over to our [Support Forum](!forum/gitlabhq).
Otherwise you can follow our [Issue Submission Guide]( for a more systematic and thorough guide to solving your issues.
If you have a question or want to contribute to GitLab this guide show you the appropriate channel to use.
## Ruling out common errors
Some errors are common and it may so happen, that you are not the only one who stumbled over a particular issue. We have [collected several of those and documented quick solutions]( for them.
# Contribute to GitLab
## Support forum
Please visit our [Support Forum](!forum/gitlabhq) for any kind of question regarding the usage or adiministration/configuration of GitLab.
## Recipes
### Use the support forum if ...
We collect user submitted installation scripts and config file templates for platforms we don't support officially.
We believe there is merit in allowing a certain amount of diversity.
You can get and submit your solution to running/configuring GitLab with your favorite OS/distro, database, web server, cloud hoster, configuration management tool, etc.
* You get permission denied errors
* You can't see your repos
* You have issues cloning, pulling or pushing
* You have issues with web_hooks not firing
Help us improve the collection of [GitLab Recipes](
**Search** for similar issues before posting your own, there's a good chance somebody else had the same issue you have now and had it resolved.
## Paid support
Community support in the [Support Forum](!forum/gitlabhq) is done by volunteers. Paid support is available from [](
## Feature suggestions
Follow the [Issue Submission Guide]( and support other peoples ideas or propose your own.
Feature suggestions don't belong in issues but can go to [Feedback forum]( where they can be voted on.
## Pull requests
Code speaks louder than words. If you can please submit a pull request with the fix including tests. Starting point would be the [Developer Guide](
## Submitting via GitHub's issue tracker
* For obvious bugs or misbehavior in GitLab in the master branch. Please include the revision id and a reproducible test case.
* For problematic or insufficient documentation. Please include a suggestion to improve it.
If you're unsure where to post, post it to the [Support Forum](!forum/gitlabhq) first.
There are a lot of helpful GitLab users there who may be able to help you quickly.
If your particular issue turns out to be a bug, it will find its way from there to the [issue tracker on GitHub](
### When submitting an issue
**Search** for similar entries before submitting your own, there's a good chance somebody else had the same issue or idea. Show your support with `:+1:` and/or join the discussion.
Please consider the following points when submitting an **issue**:
* Summarize your issue in one sentence (what happened wrong, when you did/expected something else)
* Describe your issue in detail (including steps to reproduce)
* Add logs or screen shots when possible
* Describe your setup (use relevant parts from `sudo -u gitlab -H bundle exec rake gitlab:env:info`)
## Code
## Thank you!
Follow our [Developer Guide]( to set you up for hacking on GitLab.
By taking the time to use the right channel, you help the development team to organize and prioritize issues and suggestions in order to make GitLab a better product for us all.
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