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Add a 'Productivity Improvement.md' issue template

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## What is the productivity problem to solve?
Please describe the productivity problem that needs to be solved backed by charts from
### Problem identification checklist
- [ ] The root cause of the problem is identified.
- [ ] The surface of the problem is as small as possible.
## What are the potential solutions?
Please provide potential solutions here. Example solutions could be:
- Dogfood a feature.
- Refactor/improve some workflow code.
- Throw more money at the problem.
Please provide pros/cons and a weight estimate for each solution.
- [ ] All potential solutions are listed.
- [ ] A solution has been chosen for the first iteration: `PUT THE CHOSEN SOLUTION HERE`
## Who and when will the solution be implemented?
For history reason, please list the person that will implement the solution and
the planned milestone/date.
## Verify that the solution has improved the situation
Ideally, looking at the charts from the first part, we should see an improvement
after the implementation is merged/deployed/released.
- [ ] The solution improved the situation.
- If yes, check this box and close the issue. Well done! :tada:
- Otherwise, create a new "Productivity Improvement" issue. You can re-use the description from this issue, but obviously another solution should be chosen this time.
/label ~"Engineering Productivity" ~meta
/cc @gl-quality/eng-prod
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