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## Editing a release
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 12.5.
> [Introduced]( in GitLab 12.6.
To edit the details of a release, navigate to **Project overview > Releases** and click
the edit button (pencil icon) in the top-right corner of the release you want to modify.
![A release with an edit button](img/release_edit_button_v12_5.png)
![A release with an edit button](img/release_edit_button_v12_6.png)
This will bring you to the **Edit Release** page, from which you can
change some of the release's details.
![Edit release page](img/edit_release_page_v12_5.png)
![Edit release page](img/edit_release_page_v12_6.png)
Currently, it is only possible to edit the release title and notes.
To change other release information, such as its tag, associated
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