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...@@ -1340,26 +1340,28 @@ spec: ...@@ -1340,26 +1340,28 @@ spec:
service account for your project. For help debugging this issue, see service account for your project. For help debugging this issue, see
[Troubleshooting failed deployment jobs](../../user/project/clusters/ [Troubleshooting failed deployment jobs](../../user/project/clusters/
### Disable the banner instance wide ### Auto DevOps banner
If an administrator would like to disable the banners on an instance level, this The following Auto DevOps banner will show for maintainers+ on new projects when Auto DevOps is not enabled
feature can be disabled either through the console:
```sh ![Auto DevOps banner](img/autodevops_banner_v12_6.png)
sudo gitlab-rails console
Then run: The banner can be disabled:
```ruby - Per user when they dismiss it.
Feature.get(:auto_devops_banner_disabled).enable - Project-wide by explicitly [disabling Auto DevOps](#enablingdisabling-auto-devops).
``` - By a GitLab administrator for an entire GitLab instance by either:
- Running the following in a Rails console:
Or through the HTTP API with an admin access token: - Through the REST API with an admin access token:
```sh ```sh
curl --data "value=true" --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: personal_access_token" curl --data "value=true" --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN: personal_access_token"
``` ```
[ce-37115]: [ce-37115]:
[docker-in-docker]: ../../docker/ [docker-in-docker]: ../../docker/
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