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    • David Fernandez's avatar
      Check for NPM packages before path updates · 5e400e08
      David Fernandez authored
      NPM packages presence is checked before these actions:
      * group at the root namespace has a path update
      * subgroup is transfered to a different root namespace
      * project is transfered to a different root namespace
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    • Avielle Wolfe's avatar
      Fix empty security dashboard for public projects · da903949
      Avielle Wolfe authored and Grzegorz Bizon's avatar Grzegorz Bizon committed
      Project security dashboards were displaying no vulnerabilities for
      public projects, even when the latest pipeline reported
      The issue was our Namespace#store_security_reports_available? method,
      which had no knowledge of the project or whether it was public, and
      only checked for availability based on the instance's license.
      I've added Project#can_store_security_reports?, which calls into
      Namespace to check for license availability and _also_ checks
      whether the project is public. Now public projects can get the
      security scanning they've been wanting!
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    • Yorick Peterse's avatar
      Correct all references to gitlab-ce and gitlab-ee · 41f3809d
      Yorick Peterse authored and Achilleas Pipinellis's avatar Achilleas Pipinellis committed
      This changes any mention of gitlab-ce to gitlab-foss, and any mention of
      gitlab-ee to just gitlab.
    • Kerri Miller's avatar
      Migration to move MRRCOA from project to branch · e48a3b62
      Kerri Miller authored and James Lopez's avatar James Lopez committed
      I've set this up as a post-deploy background migration, taking advantage
      of `each_batch` to set up jobs for Sidekiq workers to copy the project's
      `merge_requests_require_code_owner_approval` to each of its protected
      branch's `code_owner_approval_required` attribute. I've added some basic
      tests here, as well.
      I initially added a pair of #after_commit hooks to make sure projects
      get updated while we were asynchronously chewing through the projects
      and branches. However, I abandoned this, as a database reviewer supplied
      a faster approach that shouldn't be an issue in terms of the total time
      required to process the entities.
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    • Kerri Miller's avatar
      Reject API pushes that violate CODEOWNERS · ef5b14c4
      Kerri Miller authored
      Applying only to ProtectedBranches, this is a squashed commit of 40+
      commits building out support for this feature. We begin the process here
      of moving from applying CODEOWNER validation rules on a project level,
      to enabling CODEOWNER validations to run more granularly, by moving this
      attribute to the ProtectedBranches themselves. A latter project will
      follow that enable managing this feature via the UI, but in this commit
      we allow for manipulation of this value via the API. Finally, we extend
      CODEOWNER validation checks to closed MRs as well, as the rules are
      attached to the merge request with each new ref in the changeset, rather
      than being stateful to the time the action is initiated; the rules that
      applied at the moment of creation are the rules we apply in the future.
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    • Bob Van Landuyt :neckbeard:'s avatar
      Rework retry strategy for remote mirrors · 23e7a876
      Bob Van Landuyt :neckbeard: authored and Douwe Maan's avatar Douwe Maan committed
      **Prevention of running 2 simultaneous updates**
      Instead of using `RemoteMirror#update_status` and raise an error if
      it's already running to prevent the same mirror being updated at the
      same time we now use `Gitlab::ExclusiveLease` for that.
      When we fail to obtain a lease in 3 tries, 30 seconds apart, we bail
      and reschedule. We'll reschedule faster for the protected branches.
      If the mirror already ran since it was scheduled, the job will be
      **Error handling: Remote side**
      When an update fails because of a `Gitlab::Git::CommandError`, we
      won't track this error in sentry, this could be on the remote side:
      for example when branches have diverged.
      In this case, we'll try 3 times scheduled 1 or 5 minutes apart.
      In between, the mirror is marked as "to_retry", the error would be
      visible to the user when they visit the settings page.
      After 3 tries we'll mark the mirror as failed and notify the user.
      We won't track this error in sentry, as it's not likely we can help
      The next event that would trigger a new refresh.
      **Error handling: our side**
      If an unexpected error occurs, we mark the mirror as failed, but we'd
      still retry the job based on the regular sidekiq retries with
      backoff. Same as we used to
      The error would be reported in sentry, since its likely we need to do
      something about it.
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    • Steve Abrams's avatar
      Allow NPM packages to have any scoped name · d54c822b
      Steve Abrams authored and Bob Van Landuyt :neckbeard:'s avatar Bob Van Landuyt :neckbeard: committed
      To allow for the publishing of NPM packages from groups and subgroups,
      packages must be able to be named without the forward slash character.
      This change removes requiring the package name match the full project
      path and name, and updates the query for finding a package by its
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