i18n `_pages` (i.e. contribute, about)

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Adds pages from _pages/ to the "Documentation" weblate project (i.e. po/_docs.pot).

Although it would be helpful to have the strings from !70 (merged) bucket (strings stored in data/strings.json and used in various _include/* and _layout/*) and the content of "About", "Contribute", and other homepage stuff in one Weblate component, this is not possible. Instead, we need to use the same approach as !71 (merged) (_posts and _docs) to translate the collection of markdown files in the _pages directory. It work exactly the same way as !71 (merged).

The only downside being another component in weblate when it would be nice to have a single component that encompassed both data/strings.json and the stuff in _pages.


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