Check for broken links in CI

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Uses linkchecker during the build CI test to look for broken links in our HTML.

After building the site, it uses the inbuilt ruby webserver and runs it on localhost:4000. This is then crawled by linkchecker.

It doesn't do anything special with the output, because linkchecker returns with a non zero exit code if it fails, which correctly trips up CI.

It ignores the following URLs:

  • Which are external to the website. This could be enabled in the future, but will have a big performance hit.
  • fdroid-app: URLs, due to jekyll-fdroid#19 (closed).
  • Ending in /news/, because that aggregates individual news posts which will get checked anyway.
  • Posts from 2015 or earlier (feel free to fix these at some point, but can't be bothered right now).
  • .*/packages/.* due to #75 (closed).
  • Only ends up checking the /en/ site, because the rest will have the same links generated anyway. Nothing is stopping the crawler from finding a link to the other locales and crawling them, but it doesn't find any.

Here is an example of a failed pipeline which I used to fix up the missing links.

Fixes #74 (closed).

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