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# GitLab Infrastructure
[These are not the runbooks you are looking for](
## Where and how to look for data
### General System Health
#### Blackbox Monitoring
* [GitLab Web Status]( front end perspective of GitLab. Useful to understand how looks from the user perspective. Use this graph to quickly troubleshoot what part of GitLab is slow.()
#### Whitebox Monitoring
* [Fleet overview]( useful to see the fleet status from the inside of Use this graph to quickly see if the workers are under heavy load, or the database, check Lbs bandwidth.
* [Postgres Stats]( useful to understand how is the database behaving in depth. Use this graph to review if we have spikes of exclusive locks, active or idle in transaction processes
* [Ceph Stats]( useful to understand the health of the underlying Rados cluster
* [Host Stats]( useful to dive deep into a specific host to understand what is going on with it. Select a host from the dropdown on the top.
* [Postgres Queries]( use this dashboard to understand if we have blocked or slow queries, dead tuples, etc.
* [Business Stats]( shows many pushes, new repos and CI builds.
* [Daily overview]( shows endpoints with amount of calls and performance metrics. Useful to understand what is slow generally.
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