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* NVMe drive on the PCIe bus for Ceph Journal and Frequently Used Ceph PGs
* 40GB nic card for general networking
* 1GB nic card for management
* To reduce blast radious we will have 4 independent clusters accessed through the sharding feature.
* If one goes down we still have 3 left.
* This is particularly useful to reduce load and improve recovery times.
* This can be also useful to migrate CephFS data into BlueStore when it's stable and available.
* As a backup for git repos we will use GitLab GEO feature pushing into a secondary node hosted at Amazon with an EFS drive (we don't care if it's slow)
* This makes Amazon DirectConnect a critical feature for our colo as we will need to have high bandwidth to it.
* We will start backfilling this Amazon instance as soon as we finish draining CephFS, so when we are done we can start moving from Amazon to the colo.
* To prevent a total loss in the case of another MDS meltdown we will create snapshots periodically so we can recover (hourly, daily, whatever makes sense)
* We will push forward with the GEO feature to use an object storage, in which case we will use RADOS as the object storage to simplify our installation.
* CephFS supports having some osds in BlueStore and XFS at the same time (but don't leave it like this), we will move to BlueStore when it's stable and available.
## CephFS in the cloud
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