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[These are not the runbooks you are looking for](
[Infrastucture Overview](
## Where and how to look for data
### General System Health
# Infrastructure Overview
Our core infrastructure is currently hosted on several cloud providers,
all with different functions. This document does not cover servers that
are not integral to the public facing operations of
## Azure
The main portion of is hosted on Microsoft Azure. We have
the following servers there.
* 5 HAProxy load balancers for
* 2 HAProxy load balancers for GitLab Pages
* 2 HAProxy nodes for
* 20 worker nodes (Nginx, Workhorse, Unicorn + Rails, Redis + Sidekiq)
* 2 PostgreSQL servers
* 5 Redis servers
* 3 Prometheus monitoring servers
* 11 NFS servers
We also use availability sets to ensure that a minimum number of servers in each
group are available at any given time. This ensures that Azure will not reboot
all instances in the same availability set at the same time for anything that
is planned.
Additionally, we utilize an Azure load balancer to manage PostgreSQL failovers.
<create graphic to go here>
This constitutes our core infrastructure.
## Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean houses several servers that do not need to directly interact
with our main infrastructure. There are many of these that do a variety of
things, however not all will be listed here.
The primary things on Digital Ocean at this time are:
* Blackbox monitoring servers
* Shared runner managers
* ELK servers
# Technology at GitLab
We use a lot of cool ([but boring](])
technologies here at GitLab. Below is a non-exhaustive list of tech we use here.
* [Ruby]( (probably goes without saying)
* [Chef](
* [Prometheus](
* [PostgreSQL](
* [Redis](
* [ELK Stack](
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