Prioritized Labels
  • (perceived) data loss
    An event that is seen as data loss from an external user / infrastructure
  • outage
    A production incident, whatever the impact / infrastructure
  • critical
    Things that really, really, really matter / infrastructure
  • SL1
    Security Highest Priority - We need to fix this now. / infrastructure
  • unblocks others
    Help other people / infrastructure
  • goal
    Something we committed to do in the WoW / infrastructure
  • SL2
    Security Not so Highest Priority - We need to fix this ASAP. / infrastructure
  • Other Labels
  • vpn / infrastructure
  • unscheduled
    I need it now! but I didn't knew it until now / infrastructure
  • training
    Murph! / infrastructure
  • toil
    Repetitive, boring, annoying work that has to be done but is automatizable / infrastructure
  • to build
    Greenfield projects that need to be coded from the ground up / infrastructure
  • storage
    The thing that keeps the bytes from falling to the floor / infrastructure
  • staging / infrastructure
  • security
    Things that affect security somehow / infrastructure
  • runbook
    Share the knowledge! and link it to an alert so I don't have to think next time / infrastructure
  • requires production access
    Whenever an action requires to jump into production / infrastructure
  • requires downtime
    Requires downtime to perform a certain operation / infrastructure
  • redis
    Everything related to Redis / infrastructure
  • prometheus
    Prometheus monitoring stack, either the server or the exporters / infrastructure
  • pre / infrastructure
  • performance
    Gotta go fast! / infrastructure
  • oncall
    Issues that happened during on call or that can help make the on call easier / infrastructure
  • noise
    Unpleasant or disruptive work that hinders perception of an expected signal, adds no value, and should be suppressed or automated / infrastructure
  • network / infrastructure
  • moved 5 / infrastructure
  • moved 4
    Moved from the previous WoW / infrastructure