Prioritized Labels
  • (perceived) data loss
    An event that is seen as data loss from an external user / infrastructure
  • outage
    A production incident, whatever the impact / infrastructure
  • critical
    Things that really, really, really matter / infrastructure
  • SL1
    Security Highest Priority - We need to fix this now. / infrastructure
  • unblocks others
    Help other people / infrastructure
  • goal
    Something we committed to do in the WoW / infrastructure
  • SL2
    Security Not so Highest Priority - We need to fix this ASAP. / infrastructure
  • Other Labels
  • keep confidential
    reminder to keep confidential forever / infrastructure
  • toil
    Repetitive, boring, annoying work that has to be done but is automatizable / infrastructure
  • automation
    Whatever will improve on toil / infrastructure
  • Doing / infrastructure
  • GitLab Hosted
    GitHost related issues / infrastructure
  • database
    Everything related to database (ab)use / infrastructure
  • alert
    Related to alerting, either to add, remove or adjust / infrastructure
  • ci
    Work related with the CI team / infrastructure
  • prometheus
    Prometheus monitoring stack, either the server or the exporters / infrastructure
  • noise
    Unpleasant or disruptive work that hinders perception of an expected signal, adds no value, and should be suppressed or automated / infrastructure
  • security
    Things that affect security somehow / infrastructure
  • blocked
    We can't really do anything with this without someone else's help / infrastructure
  • access request
    I want in! / infrastructure
  • availability up is a better user experience / infrastructure
  • chef
    The guy that sets things on fire so we can eat them later / infrastructure
  • cleanup
    It's Sunday! / infrastructure
  • cookbooks
    The way that the chef sets things on fire / infrastructure
  • experiment
    The only way to learn new things / infrastructure
  • internal
    This is not the issue you are looking for / infrastructure
  • performance
    Gotta go fast! / infrastructure