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- When making purchases for a meetup, please follow GitLab's company guideline to ["spend company money like it is your own money"](/handbook/spending-company-money/).
- GitLab uses Tipalti to process invoices for meetups. To be reimbursed for your expenses, please send an email to []( and []( to request access to Tipalti.
- Once you have access to the Tipalti portal, you will upload your invoice and receipts as a single document on the Tipalti portal or email the invoice and receipts as a single document to []( We suggest organizers use our [Meetup Invoice template](
- To create a single document containing your invoice and expenses, please follow these steps:
- Make a copy of the [Meetup Invoice template](
- Enter all your expenses into the template.
- Download the sheet as a PDF.
- Scan your receipts and add them to the PDF ([instructions for Mac](
- Upload the single document containing the receipts and invoice to Tipalti or send it to [](
- Submission of an invoice will trigger a workflow that generates an email to the Evangelist Program Manager. Upon receipt of that email, will review the bill and take appropriate action:
- If the report is complete and the expense is approved, the Evanglist Program Manager should click the `Approve bill` button in the mail.
- If the bill's `Class` does not include the appropriate finance tag (for example: `Q4_FY2020_Meetups`) or there are other issues with the bill, the Evangelist Program Manager should click `Send back to AP`.
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