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Release Post 12.6: Conan Repository

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- name: "Conan Repository for C/C++ Developers"
available_in: [premium, ultimate]
documentation_link: ''
image_url: '/images/unreleased/conan_repository.png'
reporter: trizzi
stage: package
issue_url: ''
description: |
For any development organization, having an easy and secure way to manage dependencies is critical. Package management tools,
such as Conan for C/C++ developers, provide a standardized way to share and version control these libraries across projects.
In GitLab 12.6, we are proud to offer Conan repositories built directly into GitLab. Developers can now publish their
packaged libraries to their project’s Conan repository. Simply set the Conan remote to the GitLab Package Registry and start
uploading, installing, and deleting packages today.
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