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......@@ -553,11 +553,10 @@ We use Slack internally as a communication tool. The Marketing channels are as f
- `#sdr_amer_central`: Enterprise SDRs for Americas Central (formerly NORAM - US Central)
- `#sdr_amer_west`: Enterprise SDRs for Americas West (formerly NORAM - US West)
- `#sdr-conversations`: place for SDR team brainstorm & sharing of ideas
- `#social`: Twitter, Facebook, and other social media questions?
- `#support`: Ask any and all technical questions here for a quick response.
- `#sfdc-users`: Having issues with SFDC? Ask here first.
- `#swag`: Request or question regarding swag.
- `#twitter`: Use this channel to suggest we tweet about something.
- `#social_media`: Use this channel to communicate and coordinate with the Social Media team.
- `#website`: Discuss topics related to website redesign project
### Marketing email alias list
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