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Merge branch 'jramsay/add-gitaly-iterim' into 'master'

Add Gitaly PM interim

See merge request gitlab-com/www-gitlab-com!37112
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......@@ -26065,3 +26065,25 @@
- Corporate Marketing
story: |
Joins on ...
- slug: pm-create-gitaly
type: vacancy
name: New Vacancy - James Ramsay (Interim)
start_date: 2019-02-01
location_factor: 0.7
placeholder: true
locality: Anywhere
country: Remote
role: <a href="/job-families/product/product-manager">Senior Product Manager</a>, Create:Gitaly
reports_to: james-r
picture: ../gitlab-logo-extra-whitespace.png
- Product Management
- Vacancy
- Dev PM Team
expertise: |
<li>Recruiter: Matt Allen</li>
story: |
Open Position
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