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Document CE to EE upgrade process for other official installation methods

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- url:
logo: /images/logos/docker-logo.svg
name: Docker
desc: Official GitLab Docker Images
- url:
- url:
name: Kubernetes
logo: /images/logos/kubernetes-logo.svg
desc: Official Helm repository
- url:
name: Google Cloud Platform
logo: /images/logos/google-cloud-logo.svg
desc: Official Google Cloud Launcher apps
- url:
name: RedHat OpenShift
logo: /images/logos/openshift-logo.svg
desc: Setup instructions
- url:
name: Terraform
logo: /images/logos/terraform-logo.svg
desc: For Google Compute Engine
- url: /aws
logo: /images/logos/aws-logo.svg
name: Amazon Web Services (AWS)
desc: AMIs for GitLab CE and EE
- url: /2016/07/13/how-to-setup-a-gitlab-instance-on-microsoft-azure/
logo: /images/logos/microsoft-azure-logo.svg
name: Microsoft Azure
desc: Setup tutorial
- url:
name: GitLab Pivotal Tile
logo: /images/logos/pcf-logo.svg
desc: GitLab EE Tile
- url:
name: Mesosphere DC/OS
logo: /images/logos/mesosphere-logo.svg
- url:
name: GitLab Omnibus Cookbook
desc: For production Chef installations
logo: /images/logos/chef-logo.svg
- url:
name: GitLab Runner
desc: For GitLab CI/CD Pipelines
logo: /images/logos/runner-logo.svg
- url:
name: Installation from source
desc: Complete step-by-step instructions
desc: GitLab-Omnibus Helm Chart
- url:
name: Source
logo: /images/logos/source-logo.svg
- url: /update
name: Update GitLab
desc: Update to the latest release
logo: /images/logos/tanuki-logo.svg
- url:
name: GitLab Development Kit
desc: For contributing to GitLab
logo: /images/logos/gitlab-logo.svg
- url:
desc: Hosted by GitLab Inc.
logo: /images/logos/gitlab-logo.svg
desc: Upgrade instructions for each version
......@@ -13,29 +13,28 @@
%button{ copy_btn_options(backup_command) }
%i.fa.fa-clipboard{ aria: { label: copy_tooltip } }
2. Install Enterprise Edition
2. Upgrade to Enterprise Edition
The GitLab EE package installs directly over top of the CE version, replacing it.
These instructions will install the most recent version of GitLab,
if you'd like to use the same version please
%a{ href: "" }
consult our documentation.
Add the GitLab EE package repository.
= "#{platform.download_command}\n#{platform.install_command}"
%button{ copy_btn_options("#{platform.download_command}\n#{platform.install_command}") }
= "#{platform.download_command}"
%button{ copy_btn_options("#{platform.download_command}") }
%i.fa.fa-clipboard{ aria: { label: copy_tooltip } }
If you are not comfortable installing the repository through a piped script, you can find the
%a{ href: "" }entire script here
%a{ href: "" }select and download the package manually
and install using
Next, install GitLab Enterprise Edition package.
= platform.install_commands_manual
%button{ copy_btn_options("#{platform.install_commands_manual}") }
= "#{platform.install_command}"
%button{ copy_btn_options("#{platform.install_command}") }
%i.fa.fa-clipboard{ aria: { label: copy_tooltip } }
3. Configure and restart GitLab
3. Reconfigure and restart GitLab
= reconfigure_command
%button{ copy_btn_options(reconfigure_command) }
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@ extra_js:
= distro.subtitle
%li.distro-content.js-distro-content.hidden{ class: "distro-content-#{index + 1}", id: }
= partial "_platform", locals: { platform: distro }
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