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If you're merging two customer tickets that are related and it's not 100% obvious to the customer, be sure to send a message letting them know why you're merging them. If you don't, it often causes confusion and they open follow ups asking why it was closed without comment.
Additionally, when [merging tickets](, leave `Requester can see this comment` unchecked in the ticket that's being merged into (the second ticket from the top) in order to maintain the SLA. If the merge comment is made public it, Zendesk will consider it a response and will remove the SLA.
#### Removing information from tickets
We ask customers to send us logs and other files that are crucial in helping us solve the problems they are experiencing. If a customer would like those files (or text within a Zendesk ticket to be removed) after the problem has been resolved, you can ask a manager to delete the files using the [`Ticket Redaction`]( app. Only Zendesk administrators have access to this app.
To delete text or attachments from a ticket:
1. Go to the ticket in question and on the right hand nav bar, scroll down until you are able to locate the Ticket Redaction app.
2. In the text box, enter a string of text or source image URL you wish to redact.
3. If you wish to remove an attachment, you can click on the `Redact Attachment` button and choose the attachment you would like to remove.
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