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Projects now have a maximum number of webhooks

See merge request gitlab-com/www-gitlab-com!36750
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- name: "Projects now have a maximum number of webhooks"
available_in: [core, starter, premium, ultimate]
documentation_link: ''
reporter: deuley
stage: enablement
- 'integrations'
issue_url: ''
mr_url: ''
description: |
To improve performance of and reduce the ability for malicious behavior, we have introduced a limit on the maximum number of webhooks that can be configured for each project. Webhooks are now limited to 10 for Free plans, 20 for Bronze, 30 for Silver, and 100 for Gold.
These limits only apply to, and will not affect any webhooks currently configured. However, users who are currently over the maximum for their plan will be unable to add more to those projects.
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