Improve `bin/pick-random-team-members`

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Added some options to bin/pick-random-team-members.

New docstring:

Pick some random team members!

  bin/pick-random-team-members <n> [--reports-to=<reports-to>]... [--role=<role>]...
                  [--project=<project>]...  [--assignment=<assignment>]...
  bin/pick-random-team-members -h | --help

  -h --help                  Show this message.
  --reports-to=<reports-to>  Pick team members who report to the given team members.
  --role=<role>              Pick team members with the given role (case-insensitive partial match).
  --project=<project>        Pick team members responsible for the given project.
  --assignment=<assignment>  Pick team members with the given assignment for project.

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