Merge branch 'master' into fl-38869-linked-tabs

* master: (136 commits)
  Ensure we set SUITE_FLAKY_RSPEC_REPORT_PATH to nil in RspecFlaky::Listener spec
  Gitaly feature flag metadata
  Add delete issue docs
  Adjust tooltips to adhere to 8px grid and make them more readable
  Fix JS lock issue specs
  Improve redirect uri state and fix all remaining tests
  Add 1000+ counters (instead of inifnite) to jobs controller
  Use short path project_clusters_url
  Change Clusters to Cluster in sidebar
  Security fix: redirection in google_api/authorizations_controller
  UX review
  Fix sidebar title Fix fixture
  Fix margins in edit form
  Use utc for time comparision
  Good old dangling comma
  Fix wording in the js messages
  Resetting of active Line + setting it for the async display functions
  Add some empty spaces
  Fix failing spec
  Refactor discussion lock docs
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