Fix push rules on Git 2.11

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An additional thing that I fixed is that once we found the new commits (via Gitlab::Popen.popen in Repository#new_commits), we try to instantiate commit objects for the returned SHAs. The issue was that those commits are still in the quarantine directories (GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY, and GIT_ALTERNATE_OBJECT_DIRECTORIES) at this point: we needed a way to tell the Rugged repo to look for these SHAs in these directories as well.

After some digging through libgit2 and Rugged, I found out that Rugged::Repository#new actually accepts an alternate keyword param just for that!

The final solution is thus to set environment variables in /api/v3/internal/allowed from GIT_OBJECT_DIRECTORY, and GIT_ALTERNATE_OBJECT_DIRECTORIES passed from gitlab-shell and use those variable when instantiating the Rugged repo in Rugged::Repository#new.

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I've removed the passing of env to Gitlab::GitAccess#new since these are already available from the subprocess spawned by Gitlab::Popen.popen.

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To fix push-rules and other commit checks that happens in pre-receive hooks.

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Closes #1736 (closed)