Commit af4b58d9 authored by DJ Mountney's avatar DJ Mountney
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Merge branch 'centos-package' into 'master'

Fix libatomic package name for RHEL/CentOS

See merge request gitlab-org/omnibus-gitlab!4660
parents 3fc5a9aa aaafe95c
title: Fix libatomic package name for RHEL/CentOS
merge_request: 4660
author: Hi Key @HiKey
type: fixed
......@@ -78,7 +78,13 @@ if rhel?
# Arm targets need libatomic
runtime_dependency 'libatomic1' if OhaiHelper.arm?
if OhaiHelper.arm?
if rhel?
runtime_dependency 'libatomic'
runtime_dependency 'libatomic1'
dependency 'git'
dependency 'jemalloc'
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