Prioritized Labels
Other Labels
  • Deliverable
  • Stretch
  • i2p-on-gke
    Getting idea to production running on Google Container Engine
  • customer success
    Input from customer success team
  • stewardship
    For issues related to the stewardship of GitLab
  • Gitaly
    Issues for the Gitaly team
  • coach will finish
    Community contributions that have stalled, and need to be picked up by a merge request coach:
  • Next Patch Release
    Issues to put in the next patch release. Work on these first, and add the Pick Into Stable label to the merge request, along with the appropriate milestone.
  • SP1
    For internal Support team use.
  • SP2
    For internal Support team use.
  • SP3
    For internal Support team use.
  • customer
    Issues that were reported by Enterprise Edition subscribers. This label should be accompanied by either the 'bug' or 'feature proposal' label
  • customer+
  • requires production access
    Bugs that result in support having to access the production Rails console or filesystem to fix.
  • Accepting Merge Requests
  • federal
  • UX
    Issues for the UX team. Covers new or existing functionality that needs a design proposal
  • UX ready
    Issues where the UX has been worked through and is ready to be scheduled
  • UX research
    Issues that require UX reseach
  • UI polish
    Visual improvement(s) to the existing user interface