1. 09 Dec, 2019 3 commits
    • Fernando Arias's avatar
      Add license list to nav · 13901b15
      Fernando Arias authored and Paul Slaughter's avatar Paul Slaughter committed
      * Add feature flag and permissions check
      * Add controller, route, and nav entries
      Fix typo
      Refactor routes and feature flag
      * Change from license_list to licenses_list
      * Change from /security/license-list to /licenses
      Fix pipeline errors
      * remove controller file whitesspace
      * regenerate pot file
      Fix specs and linter
      Update project_nav_tab? call
      Add missing new line
      Fix haml linter
      Code review changes
      Update to License Compliance
      Update page header
      Remove unecessary before action
      Remove database.yml.example
      Creation of app and component directories
      * Refactor app bootstrap
      Add store
      * Add Actions, Getters, Mutations and state
      Save Changes
      Working license fetch
      Migrate to Vuex Module
      Add table
      Render table and row first pass
      Add component column logic and modal
      Update pagination rednering conditions
      Add pipeline link/text and timeago text
      Add question mark
      Fix unconfigured state SVG
      Remove empty files and add action spec
      Update action spec and add mutation specs
      Add getters spec
      Run prettier and linter
      Add changelog
      Tweak specs and add pagianted license list spec
      Add license table spec and snapshots
      Fix question icon alignment and mobile column name
      Add licence table row spec and snapshots
      Add component link specs
      Run prettier and linter
      Run prettier and linter
      Namespace translatons and update pot file
      Tweak icon markup
      Code feedback tweaks
      Refactor i18n translations
      Use gl-icon
      Fix header tag
      Update to hasJobSetup
      Update to hasLicenses
      Change to hasJobFailed
      First batch of maintainer review changes
      * Move changelog to EE
      * Change h5 to h3 for accessibility
      * Line-wrap haml template for vue app container
      Move LICENSE_LIST constant out of module
      * Refactor imports
      Move changelog to EE and revert to isJobSetUp
      Code review changes
      * Update license copy and update POT file
      * Remove unused class
      * Remove icon size
      Refactor modal and spec
      * Remove wrapping div
      * Update unit tests
      * Update remainingComponentsCount function to use Math.max
      Fix potential security issues
      * Sanitize url path
      * Secure link with rel="noopener noreferrer"
      * Update to rowheader
      Remove unused getters
      Refactor getters
      * Refactor simple getters to use mapState
      Remove unused empty file
      Apply suggestion to pipeline_info.vue
      Apply suggestion to mutation_types.js
      Apply suggestion to actions.js
      Apply suggestion to license_component_links_spec.js
      More fixes
      * Fall back to using array index as key :-(
      * Fix typo in unit test
      * Reorder imports
      Add mh-vh-50 utility class and scrollable modal
      * Add utility class for half the viewport height
      * Make scrollable area half the viewport height
      Simplify licenses_table_row_spec factory
      Update licenses_table_spec factory
      * Remove optional parameter
      * Update snapshot
      Clean up paginated_licenses_table_spec
      * Remove duplicate scenarios
      * Clean up factory
      Clean up action spec
      * Remove uneeded payload
      * Convert describe iterator into normal describe
      Run pretttier and linter
      Fix unit tests and run prettier
      Fix action spec
      * Update to test for rejected promise
      * Update pot file
      Additional code review changes
      * Refactor height class max-vh-50
      * Add mb-1 class to license compliance header
      * Remove unit test, test case that isn't possible
      * Add test case for license compliance job status
      Update utility class name
      Fix license compliance route
      * Undo route change that originally put it under
      Apply suggestion to
      Apply suggestion to
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      Add text,bg,color and hover utility css · dbea07a9
      David Pisek authored
      This commit adds a few utility classes around colors. They
      extend existing mixins, coming from gitlab-ui.
      It also adds two new color variables (purple and purple light)
      and classes to add support for hover state.
    • Jiaan Louw's avatar
      Refactor profile.scss to use utility class · 3a5446b4
      Jiaan Louw authored
      Resolve the stylelint-gitlab/utility-classes error by
      removing the .description class in profile.scss and
      replacing its usage in gpg_keys and keys views with
      the .text-truncate utility class.
  2. 08 Nov, 2019 1 commit
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  7. 10 Sep, 2019 2 commits
    • E'zeki&el Kigbo's avatar
      Async import custom stage form components · 2c39da05
      E'zeki&el Kigbo authored
      Imports the files needed for the custom
      stage form and adds the EE specific css.
      Added stub addStageMixin
    • E'zeki&el Kigbo's avatar
      Added add stage button · 8216a617
      E'zeki&el Kigbo authored
      Added new button to launch the new
      stage form for customisable cycle
      Move add stage button to vue component
      Added basic test for add stage button
      Move css to bootstrap classes
      Removes scss styling that can be applied
      via bootstrap classes and adds the relevant
      classes to html elements
      Added feature tests for add stage button
      Moved add stage functionality to ee mixin
      Created addStageMixin for the add stage
      functionality needed in EE. Added a stub
      mixin to the CE dir.
  8. 05 Apr, 2019 1 commit
  9. 03 Apr, 2019 1 commit