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Update _piwik.html.haml

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Created by: r00t0vi4

Matomo core developers are recommended to use "js/" instead of "piwik.js" and "piwik.php":

  • js/index.php (or implicitly as "js/") can be used to serve up the minified piwik.js;
  • it supports conditional-GET and Last-Modified, so piwik.js can be cached by the browser;
  • it supports deflate/gzip compression if your web server (e.g., Apache without mod_deflate or mod_gzip), shrinking the data transfer to 8K;
  • js/index.php (or implicitly as "js/") can also act as a proxy to piwik.php;
  • If you are concerned about the impact of browser-based privacy filters which attempt to block tracking, you can change your tracking code to use "js/" instead of "piwik.js" and "piwik.php", respectively.

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