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  • v5.0.8
    November 2018 update
    * Added support for AuthedMine (user has to opt-in). (#94)
    * Removed informational bar when Do Not Track is enabled. (#95)
    * Updated dependencies. (#96)
  • v5.0.7
    b0d7b9ea · Bump version ·
    This is a hotfix release to address an issue with the deployment of
    v5.0.6 in production environments. Some JS code added in v5.0.6 was
    using features from ES6, and sprockets couldn't deal with that by
    It has been decided to fix this issue by moving public JS code from
    sprockets to webpacker. To prevent future errors like this, deployments
    to a staging environment will be performed from now on before releasing
    a new version.
  • v5.0.6
    June 2018 update
    This is maintenance release focused on improving the deployment of the
    web application.
    * Added support for DNT headers (#93).  * Added ChromeDriver to perform
    acceptance tests (#89).  * Added ATOM feeds for videos, playlists and
    topics (#80).  * Added support for S3/Minio storage backend for
    multimedia (#77).  * Updated dependencies (#76, #78, #79, #82, #84, #91,
  • v5.0.5
  • v5.0.4
    ffe5ef6f · Update dependencies (#72) ·
    makigas.es 5.0.4
    This release changes the front page header and introduces a new static
    page talking about our Discord server so that newcomers can learn about
    the server and join with a click.
    It also updates a few dependencies to fix some critical vulnerabilities
    found on them.
    * Add an info page about Discord (#66, #68, #70).
    * Update dependencies (#69, #71, #72).
  • v5.0.3
  • v5.0.2
    March 2017 Update
    This release updates server dependencies and adds the following changes:
    * Fix the player not allowing to set the video mode to fullscreen.
    * Fix the player showing constantly the title.
    * Serve the player from www.youtube-nocookie.com instead of
      www.youtube.com for avoiding setting extra cookies before starting
    * Add unfeatured videos. They can be added from the CMS and they act the
      same, except they never get promoted in the front page.
    * Let the operator set the publication date for a video in the CMS. If
      the publication date is set to the future, the video is considered
      `scheduled`. It is registered, but it is not visible. When the
      publishing date is reached, the video is automatically made visible on
      the site.
    * Add opinions. They are displayed in the front page and let show what
      other people have said about the project including name, what they said,
      a photo and a link to their testimony if given.
    * Replace the Rack application server with Puma. It is expected soon for
      www.makigas.es to use Puma instead of Passenger for serving upstream
      Rails requests through NGINX.
    * Added sitemap generation (sitemap.xml, will be generated by
      Capistrano and Whenever will keep it updated by generating a new
      sitemap daily).
  • v5.0.1
    Loose Ends Update
    This is a small patch for v5.0 that fixes some issues in the previous
    release. The following things were fixed:
    * v5.0.0 had WIP tabs with no content for transcriptions and downloads.
      They have been removed and replaced by cards and comments.
    * v5.0.0 was missing SEO tags and social metadata (Open Graph, Twitter
  • v5.0.0
    b57996f2 · Update README ·
    Initial stable release for makigas.es
    This is the first stable release for the new makigas.es system, using
    only the minimal viable product and not having all the features added.
    These features have been delayed to v5.1.0.