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tests: adding a failing unit test

parent cd1a907b
...@@ -602,6 +602,15 @@ module Gitlab ...@@ -602,6 +602,15 @@ module Gitlab
end end
end end
describe "Include" do
it "does not return any error with a valid configuration" do
config = YAML.dump({ include: "/local.gitlab-ci.yml" })
expect do
end.not_to raise_error(Gitlab::Ci::YamlProcessor::ValidationError)
describe "When" do describe "When" do
%w(on_success on_failure always).each do |when_state| %w(on_success on_failure always).each do |when_state|
it "returns #{when_state} when defined" do it "returns #{when_state} when defined" do
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