Commit f52c61f8 authored by Grzegorz Bizon's avatar Grzegorz Bizon
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Do not initialize YAML processor with project full path

parent d79ad28f
......@@ -337,7 +337,7 @@ module Ci
return @config_processor if defined?(@config_processor)
@config_processor ||= begin, project.full_path)
rescue Gitlab::Ci::YamlProcessor::ValidationError, Psych::SyntaxError => e
self.yaml_errors = e.message
......@@ -5,12 +5,11 @@ module Gitlab
include Gitlab::Ci::Config::Entry::LegacyValidationHelpers
attr_reader :path, :cache, :stages, :jobs
attr_reader :cache, :stages, :jobs
def initialize(config, path = nil)
def initialize(config)
@ci_config =
@config = @ci_config.to_hash
@path = path
unless @ci_config.valid?
raise ValidationError, @ci_config.errors.first
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