1. 09 Dec, 2019 2 commits
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  9. 03 Aug, 2019 2 commits
    • Matija Čupić's avatar
      Rename needs:project to needs:pipeline · b1cbad15
      Matija Čupić authored
      Renames `needs:project:` back to `needs:pipeline:` again.
    • Matija Čupić's avatar
      Implement needs:pipeline config · bc83a6f6
      Matija Čupić authored
      Add dependecy config option to bridge jobs
      Adds a "dependency" keyword to bridge job configs that denotes an
      upstream dependency.
      Expose bridge dependency config in model
      Add SeedBridge pipeline chain step
      Adds a SeedBridge Pipeline chain step that seeds bridge jobs with their
      upstream dependencies.
      Rename bridged_job to bridge in service
      Handle bridges with nonexistent projects
      Handles upstream bridges that point towards projects that do not exist.
      Check user permissions before seeding bridge
      Checks if the user has permissions to read pipelines on the upstream
      project before seeding bridge with upstream pipeline.
      Rename SeedBridge to Subscribe
      Renames the Pipeline chain step from SeedBridge to Subscribe to better
      reflect the intent.
      Use intent revealing interfaces
      Extract subscribe implementation to service
      Extracts all of the bridge subscription functionality into a service for
      better testing and isolation.
      Pass bridge to SubscribeBridgeService
      Move bridge subscription to Pipeline processing
      Moves the bridge subscription mechanism from the Pipeline creation chain
      to the Pipeline processing service.
      Rename dependency to upstream
      Renames dependency to upstream.
      We already have dependencies, using dependency would be confusing.
      Refactor subscription services
      Refactors subscription services to better encapsulate the business logic
      they enforce.
      Move bridge subscription to enqueue event
      Moves the bridge subscription logic from the ProcessPipelineService into
      the enqueue event.
      Parse upstream bridges in pipeline seed
      Add optimistic lock to bridge subscription service
      Add upstream mirror docs
      Mirror completed statuses to bridge
      Rename upstream to needs:pipeline
      Renames the upstream CI config keyword to needs:pipeline.
      This supports the idea of marrying DAGs and upstream dependent
      Extract upstream_pipeline to method
      Rename needs:pipeline to needs:project
      Improve 'needs:' docs
  10. 18 Jun, 2019 1 commit
    • Kamil Trzciński's avatar
      Introduce default: for gitlab-ci.yml · a014e204
      Kamil Trzciński authored and Grzegorz Bizon's avatar Grzegorz Bizon committed
      This moves all existing `image/services/before_script/variables`
      into `default:`. This allows us to easily add a default and
      top-level entries. `default`: is keep backward compatible: to
      be considered to be job if `default:script:` is specified. This
      behavior should be removed.
      All existing `image/services/before_script/variables` are properly
      handled in root context.
  11. 29 Jan, 2019 1 commit
    • Grzegorz Bizon's avatar
      Make it possible to define downstream bridge variables · 408248f4
      Grzegorz Bizon authored
      It is now possible to pass variables to a downstream pipeline from a
      bridge job. Variables defined as YAML variables for this bridge job are
      going to be populated downstream, and are going to be available in every
      job created within a downstream pipeline. These variables are then going
      to be passed to GitLab Runner as environment variables.
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