Prioritized labels

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  • critical
    RedMser / MserDuck
    Any security-critical bugs or exploits.
  • Other labels

  • bug
    RedMser / MserDuck
    A bug, glitch, exploit, basically any unwanted behavior.
  • commands
    RedMser / MserDuck
    Anything related to commands, arguments, binds, ...
  • config
    RedMser / MserDuck
    Match settings, config entries and modifiers.
  • confirmed
    RedMser / MserDuck
    A bug has been confirmed to exist with the latest version of the mod.
  • discussion
    RedMser / MserDuck
    Open discussion about a mod-related topic.
  • enhancement
    RedMser / MserDuck
    Ideas for changes to an existing part of MserDuck, or enhancing Duck Game itself.
  • feature-request
    RedMser / MserDuck
    A new item, command, modifier, system, ...
  • items
    RedMser / MserDuck
    Anything about items, objects, guns, ...