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First draft of first Toronto post (exc. pictures) complete

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......@@ -14,6 +14,10 @@ Happily, last night we arrived in Toronto :smiley:. Karlene (_Rosie's cousin_) a
This morning we took a leisurely stroll through midtown Toronto to meet up with Karlene and Joke at Toronto's really old castle, [Casa Loma][cl]. It was built way back in 1914!! :wink: It certainly looks like an old castle but, as the numerous signs around the area allude, Canada is only officially 150 years old itself so it's no real surprise that their castles are basically new builds.
The castle itself was cool, but it wasn't until we had nearly finished looking around that we found out so many awesome films have used it as a filming location including some of the X-Men films!
Given it was Joke's last night in Toronto, her and Karlene decided to go out for the evening, so we decided to do a little bit of wandering through downtown Toronto before looking for somewhere to eat. Everywhere we looked there were people in blue jerseys with both the Blue Jays (_Baseball_) and the Maple Leafs (_Ice Hockey_) playing this evening. So we ended up having dinner in a sports bar, which was a bit of a new experience for us. There were screens everywhere with all the different sports on so people could keep track of everything. It was a little bit confusing to be honest! The food, however, was very good.
Tomorrow, we are off to Niagara :smiley:.
[cl]: http://casaloma.ca/
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