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date: 2017-04-16 20:30:00 -0500
title: "Goodbye Ottawa, Hello Toronto"
author: richard
- Canada
- Toronto
Sadly, yesterday we left Ottawa (_well, Carleton Place, but you know what I mean_) and my family after a brilliant, relaxed week :disappointed:. It was definitely a good break after the stress of the last couple of weeks at work. Happily, last night we arrived in Toronto :smiley:. Karlene (_Rosie's cousin_) and Joke met us at the train station, sorted us out with food and dropped us off at Karlene's apartment for the night. Although it had been a bit of a long day, and it was quite late, George was absolutely bouncing off the walls so it took us ages to get him to sleep!
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date: 2013-04-24 16:18:21+00:00
layout: post
title: "Hội-An"
wordpress_id: 940
- Vietnam
- "Hội-An"
- Vietnam-2011
For the next couple of days we stayed in Hoi An, a beautiful tourist trap town where the streets were lined with shops, tailors and restaurants. We began the most relaxing part of our holiday with a walking tour of Hoi An. The walking tour was a great way to see the key tourist spots in the town, and it was also quite good for the personal tips from Hai about where to shop and what to look out for etc. We visited the Chinese Temple first. It was a really colourful structure that definitely brought back some good memories from China. Inside the temple the atmosphere was thick with incense of every different variety. There were sticks, powders and coils (even ones that last 2 weeks) everywhere. It was incredibly peaceful, as most temples are.
Our whistle-stop tour of Hoi An took us on to the oldest house in the town. The house has been home to 7 generations of the family. It very much reminded me of a traditional Chinese house, with an open courtyard in the middle of the house. We were given tea whilst a member of the family told us all about the history of the house before trying to sell us zodiac pendants. We were then given the opportunity to have a look around the house to see what it was like. Before leaving, we were shown a series of tide marks on the wall showing how deep the floods have been for the last 20 years. It was incredible to think that people still live here knowing full well that their houses will be flooded every year to such an extent that they cannot use the ground floor! They had some impressive stories about it.
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