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Started work on new post for first day in Toronto

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date: 2017-04-16 20:30:00 -0500
title: "Goodbye Ottawa, Hello Toronto"
title: "A Really Old Castle"
author: richard
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Sadly, yesterday we left Ottawa (_well, Carleton Place, but you know what I mean_) and my family after a brilliant, relaxed week :disappointed:. It was definitely a good break after the stress of the last couple of weeks at work. Happily, last night we arrived in Toronto :smiley:. Karlene (_Rosie's cousin_) and Joke met us at the train station, sorted us out with food and dropped us off at Karlene's apartment for the night. Although it had been a bit of a long day, and it was quite late, George was absolutely bouncing off the walls so it took us ages to get him to sleep!
This morning we took a leisurely stroll through midtown Toronto to meet up with Karlene and Joke at Toronto's really old castle, [Casa Loma][cl]. It was built way back in 1914 :wink:
[cl]: http://casaloma.ca/
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