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date: 2017-04-14 21:00:00 -0500
title: "Pancake Day"
author: richard
- Canada
- Ottawa
It's pancake day!! Well, it's the day we're going to have pancakes at the maple
farm anyway :smiley:. [Wheelers Pancake House, Sugar Camp & Museums][wm] was a
bit of a drive from the house so we got the opportunity to admire the
countryside and the houses again. It's still incredible to me how much open
space there is and how big the houses are. There were some beautiful places on
the way so there was no danger of being bored on the drive :smiley:.
On the approach, we got our first glimpse of the system used to extract the sap
from the maple trees ready for converting to maple syrup. The network of pipes
leading back to the 'sugar camp’ was definitely something to behold. It seems we
picked a great day to visit. When we arrived, we were told it was the last day
of production for the year. Apparently, the sap from the trees makes the best
maple syrup when the temperature is above 5°C during the day and below
-5°C overnight so they’re just boiling up the last of the sap since the
weather turned.
[wm]: http://wheelersmaple.com/
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