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New Post - Defending the Kingdom

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date: 2017-04-10 21:49:00 -0500
title: "Defending the kingdom"
author: richard
- Canada
- Ottawa
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After the hustle and bustle of yesterday, we took a more sedate (_read: lazy_)
option. I checked out the Trans Canada Trail and ran through the snow towards
Ottawa and George and Rosie played at the local park in the morning. Then Becky
took us to the local kids play centre, Kids Kingdom, before lunch. It turns out
that kids don't get Easter Holidays over here in the same way that we do, so it
was absolutely dead. There were only a couple of other kids in there and we
hardly saw them, it was brilliant :smiley:!
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We spent a couple of hours defending the kingdom. George spent the bulk of the
time dragging Becky around and making new friends with the locals, so that meant
Rose and I were able to spend the morning getting to know Dayna (Becky's 17
month old daughter). It's amazing how quickly you forget what toddlers are like!
We had so much fun just going round and round and down the slides, with regular
interruptions from George and Becky. Eventually Dayna got tired and George got
hungry so we made that lunchtime.
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George then had a simple request for lunch...McDonald's please :innocent:!
Simple, quick calories and a crappy toy to keep the kids happy, sorted :smiley:!
Well, I've never had table service at McDonald's so that was a bit of a
surprise. Well done Canada!
We finished off our lazy day by taking George to the Lego shop we saw on the way
in from the airport. Turns out when Lego discontinue their sets, they send the
leftover stock to Canada! It's no wonder it's so expensive to buy old sets back
home! Needless to say we didn't buy anything, but had some fun on the
trampolines in the shop and headed home for some amazing home cooked food
courtesy of Rick :yum:.
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