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Our first full day in Mongolia took us to visit a nomadic family to spend the day helping with, and
......@@ -19,14 +19,14 @@ introduced and offered milk tea. Obviously not something Rosie was too taken wit
enjoyed it. In the morning a few of us spent a couple of hours helping to herd the animals on
horseback, and the girls helped to make curd, cookies and cream from the mornings milkings.
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{% flickr_indii_photoset "Nomads, Airag and Curd G1" %}
During the course of the day, we all had a go at collecting cow pats and laying them out to dry ready
for use in the stove. Apparently it takes about 3 days to dry dung sufficiently to burn. Just before
lunch, Chris gave the nomad children some tennis balls to play with, and we subsequently spent the
next hour or 2 playing catch.
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{% flickr_indii_photoset "Nomads, Airag and Curd G2" %}
In the afternoon we walked over to another family who kept horses. It was milking time (as it is
every hour) so we watched them milking their mare's and we then invited in to their ger to try some
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ every hour) so we watched them milking their mare's and we then invited in to th
could, refused seconds - it was absolutely disgusting! We were very grateful to get back to the
family we spent the morning with, and to have some milk tea to wash away the taste.
{% flickr_photoset 72157644860754012 %}
{% flickr_indii_photoset "Nomads, Airag and Curd G3" %}
After visiting the other family the girls were then taken out to ride in groups and we made twists
ready for after dinner. Once everone had had their turn on the horses, it was time for the evening
......@@ -43,4 +43,4 @@ from them, while Orgi (our Mongolian Rover Scout) nearly pulled to cows teets of
day off with some dinner and taking some photos from the hill above the nomads home. We were then
picked up just before sunset.
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