Board zoom

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Created by: Jenselme

  • feat(board): allow the user to zoom on the board

  • feat(board): allow the user to move the board

    Currently the user can either move or zoom on the board.

  • ref(board): make zoom and move methods usable outside events

    We will need them for the zoom and move controls.

  • feat(board): allow the user to zoom and move the board at the same time

    • Move style application in a common method
    • Only check that the board is defined in this method (zoom and moveBoard don't use the board any more).
  • feat(board): remove event listener on detached

  • fix(player-box): make sure the box is above the board

    When the user zoom, the board hid the boxes. We increase their z-index to prevent this.

  • feat(board): add controls to zoom

    • Add a method to zoom to a specific value
    • Add a custom element to view and interact with board controls