Front page improvements

The list of changes, taken from my list of commits:

  • Use less padding on main heading.
  • Make "Donate" sidebar to be more compact.
  • Don't underline header while hovering.
  • Add a frame to the screenshot of F-Droid.
  • Move download button above screenshot.
  • Add material-design button style to main download link.

I like to think that most of these are pretty non-controversial, but I'm always open to suggestions/improvements/feedback. The only one which I thought others may dislike is the reduced padding on the header. I'm not sure how people feel about this.

The other thing is that I'm still learning this Jekyll + Markdown + SASS workflow, and so please correct me if I've added content/styles/class-names in the wrong manner.

The best two improvements in my mind are:

  • Moving the download link to the top. It is now visible as soon as you visit the home page.
  • Cleaning up the donation sidebar widget. This makes the "Latest apps" widgets visible on most desktop screens too.

New Screenshot:


Old Screenshot:


Fixes #32 (closed).