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NOTE: I'm not sure if this should be merged for Launch. I'd be happy to wait it out and merge it afterwards. Another alternative is to get all of these changes in master so that we can start setting up Weblate, but remove d1cfc5090b633 so that it is not exposed via the UI.

Surge links:

You can switch languages via the language chooser in the top right.

Test Weblate setup:

Feel free to experiment adding translations (Tools -> Add new translation), browsing/editing translations, etc.

TODO, but not show stoppers:

These require attention, but I don't think they are show stoppers for merging this:

  • Weblate currently prefills JSON translations when creating new translation. Each new translation is full of English translations, and so looks like it is not at 0% as it should. I need to investigate this further.
  • Although I've documented the usage of a Weblate pre-commit hook to format strings.json correctly, I haven't actually got it working yet. I'm confident it will though, because the script works when I run it locally, and I got it from the official Weblate docs.

Future improvements:

  • Add apache configuration for automatically showing the correct language based on the browser headers.
  • I have some WIP branches for translating most of the rest of the website (Documentation, News).

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