Add "artwork" repo as submodule and expose `/badge/*`.

I'm currently tackling this by:

  • Adding as a submodule
  • The submodule lives in the top level directory of the Jekyll source
  • There is a /badge dir which symlinks to /artwork/badge

This means that:

  • We end up with the entire artowrk repo in the website (does that really matter?)
  • You (and CI) need to git submodule init && git submodule update

If the resulting webroot in this MR is too ugly (with the /artwork dir and the /badge symlink) then let me know. Another option would be to create a script in _plugins/prepare-artwork.rb which:

  • Clones the artwork repo.
  • Copies the /badges dir to the output directory after building the site.

Fixes #97 (closed).

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