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username-removed-24982 requested to merge eighthave/fdroidclient:master into master

I worked a bunch to get the swap code to represent the lifecycle of things better. This includes making SwapService stay alive as long as anything related to swap is running. SwapService is then becomes the one thing that stores all the state of swap, then the state does not need to be stored in SwapWorkflowActivity or any of the swap views.

I would like to include this in 0.100, but only if y'all think it won't delay the release. These changes are pretty much entirely contained in the swap stuff. There is some changes to App, but those are in the App(Context context, PackageManager pm, String packageName), which is the constructor that is only used for the swap stuff. It also touches RepoXMLHandler but that change only adds public to the IndexReceiver interface.

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