Updated froodyapp,memetastic,dandelion

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Updating 3 of my foss apps to use submodules in the next build. I did not yet tag these releases, so the F-Droid Bot won't index them wrongly before merging this MR (-> merge conflict). So this next and future builds will build with enabled submodule flag. The F-Droid bot cannot know that something is missing, because metadata isn't needed for app build succeed, so wouldn't fail (and no time for submodule change then).

I'm doing this, because I want to include metadata (mainly screenshots) into F-Droid. Because I don't want to blow up the repo with screenshots I decided to put them in a git submodule. As the recursive clone happens before repo gets scanned it should work.

Can please someone check if I did everything right?

I started with MemeTastic for now:

As I understood from f-droid docs and fdroidserver code, server will scan the repo after clone for fastlane,metadata and other folders (https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroidserver/blob/master/fdroidserver/update.py#L769) for these files. I always took the first suggested filenames (name,summary.txt). For the screenshots I always took the same view in different languages and named it equally (MainActivity top is in both named 01.png). I did add most localized stuff, but not description.txt, as it is still bugged in fdroidclient, at least for me (see my post here: https://gitlab.com/fdroid/fdroiddata/issues/806#note_36873142 )

I didn't found any example repo where this was setted up yet (only tgram and osmand, but stored inside fdroiddata repo) and couldn't get any response in IRC yet, so I'm asking here if thats correct what I did.

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