Reintroduction of DSub

Closed username-removed-80769 requested to merge Rovanion/fdroiddata:master into master

Hi, I spent the day setting up and two minutes ripping out the Google Play library from DSub. It disables Chromecast remoting but leaves all other functionality untouched. I'm maintaining this fork separately from the maintainer of DSub as he doesn't see the benefit of doing this extra job. The code can be found here.

I'm afraid this pull request doesn't contain all the information needed. The metadata does contain information about one of the libraries needed, android-support-v4, but not android-support-v7-appcompat and android-support-v7-mediarouter. I'm also unsure whether I've gotten all the other arguments right, but you'll probably see that straight away.

And there's also the thing with the code without Google Play being in a specific branch, noPlay, which I specified in the "Source Code" argument, but I'm unsure if that's correct.