Make jekyll-fdroid translateable

This does the following:

  • Allow the package.html file to be overriden by _layouts/package.html in the Jekyll site source code.
  • Replace "Previous" + "Next" in the paginator with "<" + ">" (so they don't need to be translated).
  • Removed the "Browse" title from the browse.html template.

Removing "Browse" was cheating a bit, because it would have been difficult to internationalize than the rest. It would require either:

  • Allowing some sort of _data/strings.json like the website, which can be overriden by the main website too, or
  • Allowing the browse.html file to also be overriden in the same way as package.html, except there is almost nothing except liquid tags in there.

Perhaps the correct solution is to take the loop which is embedded in the browse.html file and to turn it into a liquid tag like "Latest apps" is?

While I was there, I also fixed two broken links in the paginator, the first + last links.